Downtown Genes Incompatible

OMG those heels are so high, the higher the heel the more you fit into the downtown scene?  I watched The Devil Wears Prada (again) for some fashion inspiration.  I’m 5.2, thick-waisted with bad knees.  Its not fair, my genes suck!Image

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Downtown Baby, down by the roller coaster, sweet sweet baby no place to go..

Do you remember the childhood song, Downtown baby down by the roller coaster sweet sweet baby no place to go, caught you with your boyfriend naughty naughty, didnt do the dishes lazy lazy, stole a piece of candy greedy greedy, jumped out the window crazy crazy, Eneeie weenie popseweenie ohwah-popseweenie, education liberation I love you!

In grade school, all you had to know was that song and you were considered cool and accepted.  It didn’t matter that you had frizzy hair, wore big glasses or that you wore skirts over pants.

It was so simple then…

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